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Kedge getting ready/show updates

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Kedge is doing 3 shows this weekend. I just got a call from his breeder with the results of the first show.

Kedge took Best Opposite Puppy out of the all the 2-4 and 4-6mo puppies.   :D

Supposedly there was a really nice turnout too, so it was better than his 2nd place out of 3 at the last show.   ::)

So, I'm still really learning conformation lingo but she explained that he took best of the 4-6 mo males, a female took Best of Breed puppies, and he took the best male(hence Best Opposite). So I guess its like 2nd place Best of Breed puppy?

If someone else with better show term knowledge wants to confirm or fix my interpretation, it'd be much appreciated. lol

Yay Kedgie wedgie!!!!

Moni, he is so handsome!!! I'm so  glad he is doing so well in the ring!   Silly boy for not waiting to roll in the mud  ::)


WAY TO GO KEDGE! what a great job!!! *you been training him well moni* COME ONNNNNNNN Kedgers! you can do it ;)

moni and kedge... congrates!
moni... kedge is absolutely gorgeous and sounds like a sweetheart!  Keep up the good work. he's a blessing!... enjoy!

Congrats again Moni! thats awesome! he looks amazing. such a handsome lil dude. And look at those pretty ribbons... haha


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