Author Topic: At Last I Caught Her!! (sorry long)  (Read 4167 times)

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At Last I Caught Her!! (sorry long)
« on: April 21, 2009, 02:57:15 am »
For 3 years I have been trying to catch this poor little kitty. She has presented me with 2 litters. The first litter 2yrs ago I found homes for. Last year the litter of 2 I could not so I kept them. I did manage to grab her off of my deck but she bit completely through my hand and my one finger still to this day doesn't work quite right. Now here we go again. She brought 2 little babies (eyes not open) and put them under my deck behind a table I have for potting plants. She did this on friday, so saturday while she was gone I put the babies on a small blanket and put them back under the table. While I was out with the girls later that evening I could see she was laying on the blanket feeding the babies. So sunday while she was out I put the babies and the blanket in a cat carrier. So later I went out and she was in there so I just closed the carrier and now I finally have her. I moved the carrier to a super large bird cage I have and put in alittler pan and food dishes. She is doing well and taking care of her kids. I will leave her there till the babies are weaned and get her spayed and release her back to the wild. Our local no kill shelter will do the spay & keep her kids. YEA!!!
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Re: At Last I Caught Her!! (sorry long)
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