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Kedge Practicing Obedience and Treasure Hunting


Some video clips of Kedge and I practicing our obedience work. He's 4 1/2 months old now and learning fast. :) Though its a bit difficult to tape us, treat and watch him thought the viewfinder.

We also started playing with the tunnel today, which he enjoyed a lot. However I didn't get video of that. :( Maybe next time?

Kedge amazingly STILL fits in his toy box. I thought it'd be funny to share a video of him treasure hunting for a specific toy. What toy it is, changes each time. Though his method is the same. :)

Oh my - he is what we all want in a man....adorabl e and sooo smart, also a hard worker.

He is truly so cute I just want to hug him.  And he is doing VERY well with his obedience!!  Harley had years of training and only does what he wants when he wants!!  And I love the way the other dogs are sitting watching.

By the way we have the same toy box and Harley also used to like to get in it and to this day will go looking in there for tennis balls.

Keep the pictures and videos coming I love your beautiful crew!!

Randy and Harley

Thats seriously one of the cutest things I have seen!  His little butt sticking out of the toybox is priceless.  What a little cutie...Give him a big hug from me ;D


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