Author Topic: Busy 80 Degree Day! Sorry a little long  (Read 2160 times)

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Busy 80 Degree Day! Sorry a little long
« on: April 25, 2009, 11:11:37 am »

Today as any day i find forever homes for my rescues is bitter sweet. Miles now has a family a fenced in yard and a Brother Bentley! Bentley is a Pitt / West Highland Terrier Brindle! Very cute small Miles adores his new gremlin looking brother. They take them to dog parks and they live right near the Zoo which has a large park i couldn't have ask for more.Miles is home i had difficulty from the foster mother and she is no longer my foster mother unfortunately. She went behind my back and called his new Mom and ask if she could keep him to Sunday after all the plans were made for me to pick him up this am at 9:30am for me to take him to his new home and then for me to leave town for a dog transport today and tomorrow. This is not the first time she has tried to change things around without asking me first. She informed me this am he had sour stomach and we should wait a day before taking him to his new home.She has given me problems with the other fosters including wanting to keep a dog that i promised to my Vet Tech after he went to his forever home she ask to get him back because she was the only one that could care for him. I had to explain she would have to call her up and ask for him she has kids and i wasn't going to be the one to ask for him back.He had been there a day and the kids had bonded with him she said no. I said to her you know all you would have had to do is ask me before i gave her to them. She has told me over and over she could not afford or care for a dog. I feel terrible but my plate is over flowing i have 2 Doxies coming next week and one is blind in one eye now i have to send them to another foster home.  :o :o :o :o :o
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