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People Whisperer:
Before I passed out I had to introduce our family addition  ;D
Lily delivered three wonderful BIG healthy pups today and it seems like there might be one more  :) Two males are marked and a female is all white. We are so happy!!!
Enjoy  :-*

Look at those little pink noses - so cute!

Hope Mom and pups are all doing well!


Oh they are just precious!!  I have never been involved with newborn puppies - they make a person just say awwwww
please keep the pictures coming so I can live vicariously thru you (and puppy Repo too)

Glad mommy and pups are doing well.


Congrats to you and Lily  Pups look great for newborns.

Congrats to you and to Miss Lily!
They are so cute and so fat and healthy looking. I love the little puppy faces. Again Congrats!!

Chris and Sam


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