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I lost my Camera

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So I had to borrow my dads!
Was over at his house the other day, and he has this big beautiful fenced in yard that Naja LOVES to run and play in, so I borrowed his camera to snap a few pics of my girl!

My Dads JRT Pima

Miss Naja and Pima playing

Miss Naja and I, she's very small compared to me I think.

And some pretty flowers.

Naja looks so pretty (you too). Did the Jack Russell get all bossy with Naja. Mine certainly tries to keep Clifford in line.

Great pics Alex. i can't wait to meet her... and moo too of course... 

Love all the pics. She looks like a model out there in the flowers!

Wow Naja does look stunning in the first picture with the flowers :)  Naja and her momma are pretty  ;D ;D I love your pictures Alex!! So nice!



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