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Jane - NDR
« on: May 07, 2009, 03:54:47 am »
I have an Aunt,
Her name is Jane
Jane lives in the body of a 50 year old woman
Jane has the mind of a 14 year old girl
Jane has terminal cancer

I've never really had the time to visit Jane
I've always been too busy to hang out
I've always got something else on the go

Jane has always been there
She's never too busy to say hello
She always has a handmade card for birthdays, christmas or celebrations.

Jane is a piller of the community
She volunteers with the Salvation Army
And walks to the end of the road and back every day

That is until she got sick

The first thing to stop was the volunteer work
The Chemo made it so she couldn't get too far from home
The next thing to go was her walking, her leg swelled to the point that she couldn't really leave the house

I just had a birthday

Jane made me a beautiful card, and called me her wonderful niece, and gave me a pretty ornament to go in the window.

I don't even know when Jane's birthday is

Soon there will be no more handmade cards from Jane
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