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My Poor Little Rose (Ear Infection)
« on: May 12, 2009, 02:55:15 am »
Rose is now 2 years old and she has her very first ear infection. Sunday night her temp out of nowhere jumped up to 102.5 auxiliary, we gave her some motrin and put her to bed. I checked it while she was asleep and it had dropped to 100.5 (big relief for me). The next morn when she woke up it jumped back up 103.2 aux. We tried to give her motrin she spit it back out and would have nothing to do with anyone or anything except clinging to me and crying. So we rushed her to the Dr. Turns out it's a I said her very first ear infection. They put her on liquid amoxicillin and said to keep her on her motrin. Any other tips to make her more comfortable while she gets over this? Since I have never been down this path I don't know what to do for my munchkin :(

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Re: My Poor Little Rose (Ear Infection)
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2009, 03:26:00 am »
I'm so sorry your little one is sick, and I personally know just how grouchy ear infections can make little ones.  My Gracie had so many between the age of 3 and 4 that her ENT (ear, nose, throat doc) ended up removing her adenoids and tonsils and then...poof... not one infection since then. 
First of all...the high temp is really nothing huge to worry about if you know what is causing the temperature in the first place.  Little kids can run up to a 106 degree temp for five days before doctors really get concerned.  You're right to keep her on motrin, not tylenol, so definitely keep that up.  If you really can't get her to drink it, mix it with a little juice and have her drink it that way.
It worked best for me to keep Gracie propped up on two pillows when I put her down to sleep (almost like she's sitting up) because fluid tends to collect in the ear canal and cause more pressure when they are laying down.  Sitting up keeps the fluid draining down the back of her throat.  MOre often than not, I would end up letting her sleep in the recliner when her ears were bothering her really badly.
I was also told to limit Gracie's dairy intake while she had an active infection...I don't really remember why though... 
Hmmm...what else...
Obviously, try to keep water out of it in the bath.  But I was also told not to ever use Q-tips in your kiddo's ears.  If you ever need to clean them out, only use a cotton ball.  Q-tips weilding adults only tend to push the ear wax further into the ear, instead of getting it out. 
My ENT also said never to let a regular physician do an "ear wash" on your child.  (Gracie had them done pretty often after infections until I was told this)  This is where they take a water pic and flush out the ear and scrape away any residual wax.  Not fun at all for little kids.
I know this really stinks and I'm sorry your little girl doesn't feel good, but count yourself lucky that this is your first one.  If she has repeat infections throughout the year I really recommend getting a referral to an ENT yourself, because that made all the difference in the world for us.  Hopefully you'll never get to that point, though.  Good luck!

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Re: My Poor Little Rose (Ear Infection)
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2009, 09:44:01 am »
We have been battling them since Jan. Bryce is now 7 months and we ended up getting tubes, but with the first one, really just motrin or tylenol, since she is older motrin is best. you can also take a warm rag and hold to her ear. Bryce would sleep on my chest with one hand over his ear to keep the pain low. Good luck, it should go away in a few days. :-*