Author Topic: Collar/Leash or harness for adult Newfie in obedience class?  (Read 7574 times)

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Hi all,

We have had Cooper for almost 3 weeks and he is a complete joy. He's 2 years old and housetrained, sits on command, walks nicely on a leash and rides in the car. There may be a small light on when we talk about lie down / stay etc.;) We signed up for an adult beginner obedience class to get both him and me up to speed on these basics.

My problem is this - the training school wants either a flat collar and leash or a harness/leash. He is not a big Newfie (110 lbs approximately) but he does have a big chest and a lot of "ruff" down the front of his neck. So a flat 28" collar is big in the back (on top of the dog, if you will) but pulls on his ruff. He'll wear it but he does not look happy - picture the sad Newf face. (lol).

Right now we use a slip lead that the breeder gave us; it's about 4 ft long, or a 6ft lead made of climbing rope (it is a "real" leash, not homemade!) with a locking carabiner that we make into a slightly longer slip lead. He does not pull, he goes on a very loose lead and just needs a gentle tug, word or pat to be reminded to keep going, not sniff passersby by surprise, etc.

What do you all do for your Newfies for obedience classes? Suggestions on styles, brands, etc. greatly appreciated!