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New to Big Paws Only
« on: May 15, 2009, 12:25:16 pm »
Hi,I'm new to the site as well.  I have a St. Bernard/Golden mix, Truman, (such a handsome boy!!) and 2 boxers, Petey and Annie.  The reason I found this sight is because I just found out that Truman has hip dysplasia (he's only 10 mos old!) and I'm trying to find as much info as I can so we know the best way to treat him.  He is a candidate for the TPO surgery, but it is terribly expensive ($4,500 per side) and we have a daughter starting college in the fall so I don't think we can swing it.  I would love to hear any advice, suggestions, anything to help me figure out what I can and should be doing for him....PLEASE HELP!!!