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I'm such a dork!


I was just messing around on Photobucket, and I found this really great thinger called Remix on there.  And I made a slide show of Miss Naja, the song I think is an independent artist and I really like it.

Viking Lady:
Oh my gosh.........I'm tearing up. Absolutely beautiful. The music is perfect, Naja is precious.

It's wonderful!  Naja is such a pretty girl!

People Whisperer:
What a great slide show!  :-*

What a wonderful slide show, Miss Naja is beautiful, and so very Pyr.  I too love the music, who is the artist again? He has a great voice, and the music fit her perfectly. You aren't a dork, the love of our pups inspires us to share their beauty and their spirits. Good job!


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