Author Topic: Please help puppies at TNAMR that were in high kill shelter  (Read 2139 times)

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Good Afternoon fellow BPO members, I spoke with a rep. from TNAMR and they received a call at a high kill shelter of an owner surrender male and female malamutes at 8am about 2 weeks ago, they quickly gathered to pick up the dogs and when arrived found out the female was not only pregnant but delivering puppies. The mom and dad are in the process of being adopted, ofcourse dad first as mom needs to be with the puppies. In order to foot the expense of the puppies the rescue is selling Fleece tug ropes, blankets, and other items. I have ordered some for Adak, and all have been tested by malamutes and are very chew friendly. The same ropes are sold at local pet stores for $12 and they are selling for $5/each. Please see the following link for information on the ropes and items as well as the puppies. If anyone has questions, please let me know.
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