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I posted a couple of months ago and have another food question. You guys were so helpful last time.

Elliot has been with us a little over 3 months now. He has gained a little bit of weight. Not a lot in terms of pounds but he is much less bony. After playing with different foods a bit to see what worked best, we had switched him over to Canidae All Life Stages and he was doing great. Not to be gross, but recently I've noticed that when he does his number twos it is kind of runny. Could this be related to the food? Should we switch again? I hate to keep switching his food just when he starts to get used to it.

I'm not a food expert, but could he maybe be eating too much?  I believe I read somewhere that if a dog is eating too much the nutrients doesn't eat a chance to fully absorb and the poop might be mushy.  I could be off on that though - there are others here that know much much more then I do about feeding dogs.

A simple solution is to just added some pumpkin to his food to help form up his stools.

It could also be a reaction to an ingredient in the food.  I started Naja off of Canidae, and she did wonderful until they changed their formula.  I think they added Barley??  Anyways, her poops got really runny and gross too.  I've had her on Origen 6Fish for a long time now, and her poops are usually nice and firm now.  Unless she's gotten into something she's not supposed to, then that's not the case.  :-\ :P

Good luck!   ;):D


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