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Just wondering if any other Samoyed owners are on the board.

These are cute dogs too. If anyone has pictures, post 'em so that we can oohhh and aaahhhh!


--- Quote from: Koonsey on April 08, 2005, 07:21:23 pm ---Just wondering if any other Samoyed owners are on the board.

I have a Sammy mix and my neighbors across the street have two purebred Sammys.  I love this breed!  My Sammy mix is part chow but looks more like a Sammy (thank god)
--- End quote ---

Ohhh.... I really love Samoyed! :o Used to own one from when I was young and would love to get one in the future! Please tell us about yourself and your samoyed - If you know anyone own samoyeds then invite them in this website! hope to hear your message soon! ;)

mgcsold: name is Christi and I have a three year old Sammy named Zachary and I posted some pics for you to look at...
at this time my husband, my daughter, and I are living with my parents who also have a Sammy named Crystal....she has been around since I was in high school...I was the one who raised her from a pup and I just fell in love with the breed after reading up on them and living with one....I had to get one of my own...!!!! ;D

Anyway....enjo y the pics and post some of yours when you get a chance... :)


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