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Grooming advice - looks awful!

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Hi all,

I'm so disappointed.  I took my Bouvier to the groomers today and asked for a puppy cut for the summer.  I specifically asked for 1/2" to 3/4" - not shaved.  I came back and it looks like she is shaved in places, and uneven in others.  Plus, her face doesn't have the beautiful Bouv look to it anymore.

Has anyone else have this happen to them?  How quickly will it grow back, and will it be the same texture?  It was pretty dark at the groomers so I didn't see it until I was home - I ended up paying full price for a cut I hate.  On her tail you can even see the skin . . . I've posted some pictures . . .

I guess I need some encouragement that it isn't as bad as I think it is???

Sorry I dont anything about how they should be cut but I do know she is absolutely adorable!  What a sweetie ;D

Actually I don't think it looks that bad..and it will grow back quickly..Willi am is getting a hair cut once a month from me..

I would not hesitate to take her back and complain..

Speaking as a former groomer..they mostly want people to be happy with what they do..

Always try to speak to the groomer who is going to be doing the work on your dog..

In fact when people with specific beeds would come to me and vaguely suggest what they want I would ask them to show me on their dog ..

On the Bouv face I agree..but it will grow back..and whether you take her back to this groomer or another ...my advise is to speak to the groomer doing the job on YOUR dog and explain what you want..if they are not familar with Bouv's ...many aren't..pull out some pictures..

For the most part they do want to please ...it means repeat business at the least..

I think she is adorable..
PS Here is William after I did him..

Thanks all,

I think I will try doing her myself the next time.  I don't mind that the clippers were used - I just think it is way too close.  It is the face that I didn't think I could do.  I did bring in a picture showing exactly the face that I wanted - I have a book on Bouviers so I flipped to the cut that I liked.

I hate confrontation - if it were a bigger business I would consider going back to let her know that I'm unhappy, but it is done in someone's basement.  I think I'll try myself the next time, and then maybe trying to find someone that has a Bouvier to show me how to cut the face.  I'd like to learn anyhow so that I can save on grooming costs.Sir William looks fabulous - I will zoom in on that picture!

Thanks for reminding me that it will grow back.  I'm not a patient person but I guess I will have to learn!

Patience is a very necessary tool doing anything with a Bouv..they don't like to be rushed..and grooming one requires patience..so she has come into your life to teach patience..

I have had many comments about William and Magic before him..and the cut I do isn't really a Bouv style..but living in Az it is the clip I use all year long..And being that both are therapy dogs and need frequent baths it just makes things a lot easier to get ready for visits.

The best advise I could give you if you want to do it yourself is to find someone who does Bouv's on a regular basis and ask for a few lessons..the face and head take the longest to grow back for some reason..but I think that is what you want to concentrate on ..for that Bouv look..

It is well worth it..

And get professional clippers if you are going to invest in some..they will pay for themselves..

On William I used a 10 blade on his tummy and private area..
and a 4 blade everywhere else..

the best explaination is that I carve a dog out of the hair ..and I use the clippers Sissoring is not my best skill..the only dogs I was ever good at were poodles..

Blowing a Bouv dry they have straight hair and I just am no good at sissoring it..

It is pretty amazing what you can do with a 4 blade..and I made lots of mistakes even after a few lessons from a groomer that I got some lessons from for a Bouv.

Just remember that the difference between a good haircut and a bad one is...a couple of weeks.. ;D



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