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Birds nest in the oddest places.


We have a Robin that decided to nest on our outdoor light fixture. Not a good spot seeing as it's right beside the door to the dogs potty area. ::) So it's obviously used quite frequently.

At first we didn't notice the nest, we were just getting attacked by this Robin. Me the dogs, whoever was out there. She'd swoop down and give you a couple shots in the head. LMAO

I couldn't see in the nest since it's close to the wall so I decided to stick my camera up there and take some pics.

This is what I found. Looks like the wee one just hatched recently and thought the camera was his mom coming to feed him. LOL There is probably more eggs in there too but I'm too short to get a good shot. LOL

We have a sparrow who has made a nest UNDER our air conditioner on the window sill. Hey, no cats will get to those babies I guarantee it  :D. We saw her silhouette inside hopping along then her babies chirping. Too cute  ;D

You can see the glass door in the second pic.. that's how close it is. Didn't scare her away so I think the sparrows will be ok with you coming and going.

Hopefully the bulb doesn't blow since I won't be able to change it. The top has to be removed in order to get the bulb out. I'll have to resort to using a flashlight so the dogs can pee at night. LOL

Mommy Robin is starting to get used to seeing us come and go and she'll stay in the nest watching us now. Probably trying to protect her baby from the paparazzi (us). LOL

The little baby was screaming up a storm this morning and when I peeked out the baby pictured was dangling over the nest by his foot!  :o He caught in the damn twine they used around the top of the nest (you can see the white twine in the 3rd pic). His leg is a little swollen but I cut and untangled the twine, made sure there wasn't anymore twine in there he could get caught on and then placed him back in the nest. He seems to be ok but is unable to open the toes on that foot. :( I think he'll be fine once the swelling goes down.

Mom and Dad were attacking my back while I was trying to help their baby.. ungreatful buggers. LOL Their nails are sharp!

Everything seems to be fine.. they are feeding him, but they are 100% fed up with us now. We get attacked everytime we go out there. Bubba and Lola are confused.. they don't understand why these birds are screaming at them and swooping their heads. LOL


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