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I've Missed You Guys!!

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Pyr Heaven:
Wow!! It's been awhile since I've been around here. I've missed you guys!! I've been trying to catch up the last few days on everything that has happened while I've been away. SO much has happened! I've just been busy! busy! busy! Here are a few pics of Miles attached...Tak en the other day. He will be 2 the end of June! Oh how time flies.... :D ;)

Miles' Friend Sugar :)

We've missed you too!  Nice to see some pics of that handsome Miles!

GAA!!  Miles!  Oh look how you've grown!!!  Geez Sam, what's been keeping ya?!  ;) :D  Good to see you back, and let me tell you girl, you got a whole lot more pictures to post to make up for lost time!  ;) :D

PS MIles.  Miss Naja still thinks you're a hottie!  ;) :-*

People Whisperer:
It's nice to have you back Samantha!!!  :-*
Miles is super handsome  :-* :-* :-* but we knew that before  ;) ;D

Pyr Heaven:

--- Quote from: London_Pyr_Lover on May 25, 2009, 02:28:44 pm ---Geez Sam, what's been keeping ya?!

--- End quote ---

Mainly work and Miles. I've turned into a work-a-holic (which is somewhat unfortunate... however I've traveled alot because of it). turning 21... ::) You know...gotta keep my social life up ::) ;D :D ;)   I've also been on 2 cruises since January. A quick Bahamas trip the end of January..and I recently just got back from a 12 Day Exotic Western Carribbean earlier this month. ;D

How are you doing Alex!?


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