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Local Dog Shot In Face - Humane Society Needs Help


from http://www.humanesocietyofdickson.org  story can also be seen on http://www.wsmv.com

Hania will be featured on WSMV Channel 4 10pm news tonight (unless postponed
until Saturday night).
This is Hania's story...
This week a tragic story unfolds at the shelter. The morning of May 19, a green van pulls into the shelter
parking lot, opens the door, and dumps a dog at our doorstep. This person does not get out of her vehicle
and proceeds to tell a volunteer that she does not want this dog any more. This was not just any dog, this
is an amazingly strong and spirited canine. This is Hania (meaning Sprit Warrior in Lakota). Hania has a
story to tell of tragedy and goodwill of strangers getting together for her cause. Teresa, a HSDC
employee, found Hania chasing after the vehicle that so thoughtlessly dumped her out. She didn't know
that she was running after someone that just didn't want her anymore.
Teresa approached Hania finding horrific injuries and trauma to her face. Hania is missing possible
missing an eye, has sever blunt force trauma or possibly a gun shot wound to the face causing tissue loss
and missing teeth. Teresa and I jumped in our vehicles making an unsuccessful attempt to follow her and
at least get a tag #. She had very recently had a litter of pups that were believed to be around two weeks
old. We can't speculate what might have happened to the pups. Attention was put towards how to help
this poor injured dog. A local vet took a look at her and her assessed that her injured as being somewhat
old and that she does need special medical attention. With HSDC not having the needed funds to
address her medical needs, she was taken back to the shelter to determine what the next step should be.
This brings me to how a community of animal rescuers came together in no time to help Hania. Through
FaceBook, I posted Hania's story out of heartache and frustration. Laura Mucerino from a local dog
rescue heard Hania's story and immediately jumped on the opportunity to cross post Hania's story and
picture. Literally overnight, a foster home was found, and a vet that specializes in facial reconstruction
was found. Hania is on the road to recovery and closer to finding a forever home. Hania is now at a foster
home, Hollie Whitlock of Clover For Rover, thanks to Robyn Guidara of Robyn's Nest Rescue. Dennis
Ferrier was contacted to cover this story and to hopefully bring awareness to the prevention of animal
cruelty and to raise funds for Hania's medical expenses. A full page ad is being designed as we speak by
Kristy Parchment of Dickson to put in the Dickson Herald. We want to find this woman and prosecute for
animal cruelty and unlawfully dumping an animal.
Please do not let Hania's story fade. Animal cruelty occurs everyday and our HSDC staff sees evidence
of this all of the time. Hania will have a wonderful future, but not all survivors will. Thank you to everyone
who has played a part in helping Hania so far and to all of the folks that have offered to help me kick
some butt if we find this person. If you are able to help with Hania's medical expenses, please send to:
Humane Society of Dickson County
410 Eno Road
Dickson, TN 37055
All funds will be forwarded to Clover for Rover for medical expenses.
Melissa Lee
blonde heavyset woman
older model green custom van
child in passenger seat
possibly DIckson or Hickman County
please contact police, police report on file

Maybe to make her look better to raise chance of adoption? I think she's so pretty even with her face like that. She has a gorgeous coat. What a personality she has to still be so sweet despite being put through that.

I wish I had the funds to help,  she deserves every chance in the world at a good home.


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