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shes not eating.....help!

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we have a 4 year old german shepherd bitch and ahe is not over keen on eating anything we give her - she has weetabix and lactol in the morning for breakfast (fine with this)and has her food put down for her later on. we have tryed her on so many different foods and she just is so picky... any sugguestions?

Grace is picky too.  Have you tried getting cans of wet dog food and mixing a little in with the kibble?   put some of that in the dry food and splash a little water on it, stir it up and maybe that will be more appealing.  I tried a ton of things to get Grace to eat last year, some not so heathy.  she hated the food she was on.  i found a tastier, healthier food, used the canned food in the mix and now i have no problem getting her to scarf down her food.

thankyou very much for your help we will give her ago on bth :) much appreciated .

i think you'll have luck by adding a canned food. just a spoonful or so to liven the flavor should do.  Grace likes most of the flavors she gets.   she just got sick of plain kibble a couple years ago.  we are on Iams if you want to know.

I hope that the canned food does the trick.  If not, a tablespoon or two of cottage cheese stirred into her kibble will often do the trick, too.  If she has loose stools though from the cottage cheese, I'd stick to the canned foods. 

Welcome!  She's sure a pretty pup!


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