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I love my pet food store guy!


I go to Global Pet Foods, and I don't know if this guy is the owner of this particular store, or whatever, but I <3 him!  I took both monsters in to buy dog food with me, just dreading how bad they were both going to be.  As soon as we walked in he was down on the ground with Moo, and exclaiming what a beautiful Pyrenees Naja was (she didn't even growl at him!  ;D)  I had both hands full with the dogs, so he asked me what type of food I needed, and when I said Origen, he told me that they were changing their formula.  When I asked him how, he said he had some of the new bags in the store, and took down both new and old and compared them with me!  He told me the next time I come in for food, the new formula will be in of the fish, so come in a little sooner so I can mix the new stuff with the old stuff to see how it goes! 

He's helped me lots of times in the past, but this time I thought he needed some special accolades on BPO!  No reason, just saying.  ;) :D ;D


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