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11 year old dane only has till 5PM *UPDATE*


I got this email from the lady who I rescued Aurora from so I copying it to anyone who might be able to help. I wish I had room but I live in town and are only permitted to have 2 dogs. Anyway here it is:

hello everyone
i have gotten a very hard email to read.  there were 2 Danes surrendered to a shelter in Kentucky tonight.  the owner demanded that they be put down.  the owner said he could not keep them because he had his parents in his house and the parents were having trouble breathing. 
the dogs are 8 and 11 yrs old.  i can honestly tell you all that these poor dogs do not have a chance.  they are giving them till 5 pm tomorrow and putting them down. now, you will tell me that an 11 yr old dog should be put down. the girl at the surrender desk said that the Dane is so loving that she could not do it and called rescue instead.
the 11 yr old that needs rescue may live one day may live a year. either way, if anyone can find it in their heart to take this poor sole in please let me know. 
we have till 5 pm tomorow 
i am
Jean Matvey
Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue
515 Rotteck Street
Baden, PA  15005

The danes are safe in rescue!!!! Thanks to BPO for all the good vibes! I just talked to our local rescue and they are doing well.

So glad to hear that the danes made it into a rescue.

hooray for rescues!

Thank you to whomever worked on finding these babies a safe place to go. And best of luck to these beautiful old danes!


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