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Too much protein


Dr. Hottie's office called me today.   Grace had her shots Wednesday and they took blood tests too (given her high kidney levels last year.)   Her levels are good and things are checking out nicely.   They do want her kidney levels down more a bit more.   So the next bag of dog food will be the senior formula of Iams.  It has far less protein and fewer calories in it.   That should do the trick. 
I've never regreted getting her off that Purina.  I can't believe how much it affected her innerds.  I've never had a problem like this with any other dog I've had.  I really hope Lady is doing well.   Last time I saw her during my divorce she was on Purina.  If Grace is having this issue, I would think Lady would too. 

less than the normal adult portions in normal foods I guess.   they said they have a supplement i can use on her food to do something with the protein in the food, but they think I can just get a food without much protein in it, hence the senior food.

They recommend giant breed dog food just for that reason - it has lower protein 21 - 23%. It is what I feed the girls.

Iams does have a large breed formula.   the vet says that the senior food will have less protein than that.   he said her levels were a lot better than when she was tested while on that Purina, so I'm not freeking out about it.   he's concerned about her weight too...the winter buldge.  She really holds her pounds.

According to the Iams website their senior dog food is 24%, their large breed weight control has the lowest I could find at 20%.  The California Natural food I use is only 21%, and is a quality dog food, iams, IMO is no better than purina.


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