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New kids in the pack
« on: June 05, 2009, 02:49:04 pm »
Hi Everyone,

 Another day another change! The two young puppies moved into a foster home that has less going on. I would have loved to keep them here but I take in so many problem dogs that they really needed a calmer more safe environment.

They are doing well on goats milk and we will be visiting them frequently.

Today we made the five hour drive up to Las Vegas to pick up Kaylee's two brothers that have been named Keegan and Cathen.

I was really glad to be home and out of the car! introductions are going well though Kaylee is being a jerk like she always is. She is very possessive of her people and tries to "guard" them from other dogs. Mostly she is just a jealous witch.

Both the boys are absolute lovebugs and we are already attached to them. Luckily they are both staying here so it's ok.

Will be interesting walking three Fila Brasileiro's and a Newfoundland every night!

Serenity: Fila Brasileiro Female
Kaylee: Fila Brasileiro Female
Lincoln: Newfoundland Male
Keegan: Fila Brasileiro Male
Cathen: Fila Brasileiro Male
Bug & Ger: Devon Rex Cats
Remus: Roommates Mutt
Rescues of all sorts