Author Topic: So happy to be back & new puppy!  (Read 7203 times)

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So happy to be back & new puppy!
« on: October 22, 2009, 09:20:31 am »
Hello Everyone,
Nearly three years ago, when I was expected my first Berner puppy, I posted here. I was nervous and excited and so happy to find a community. Sadly, I lost touch with the people here but I never forgot the support I got, even from my first post. The puppy, Mirabelle, has grown into a brilliant , sweet, silly and earnest grown-up and has changed my life forever.
A week and a half ago we brought home a new Berner boy puppy and I wanted so much to share the experience with this amazing community. Big, fluffy, tenacious, silly and full of energy this little boy could not be more different from the Mirabelle when she was a baby. As this little bundle of energy, (and teeth) grows up and explores his world, I would welcome the feedback, encouragement and sharing that I associate with this community.
Both my Berners are so special, it is pleasure to talk to other Berner lovers.
Take Care,
Ashley, (cesaria)
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