Author Topic: Pitbull in SoCal in Need :( He was a Katrina Dog  (Read 3889 times)


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Pitbull in SoCal in Need :( He was a Katrina Dog
« on: May 29, 2009, 07:01:08 am »
Name: PHOENIX ( here since 10/3/06)
DOB: June 2003 approx.
Gender: male
Size: about 50 lbs
Other dogs: Good
Cats: good
Kids: good
Training: Crate trained. But no formal training yet.
Profile: Are you ready for the story of all stories?  Phoenix is a Katrina dog.  But we weren't able to get him until a year after Katrina hit.  Months after the hurricane hit, we were able to locate one of our other Katrina dog's owners (see TAZ)  We flew with him back to Louisiana.  What we didn't expect was to fall upon a horrible and existing dog abuse situation.  Taz's owners turned out to be disgusting people who had several other Pit Bulls chained up all over their yard.  Our volunteers managed to trick Taz's owners and was able to get him back into the rental car and get "the h*ll out of Dodge".  Taz was brought back here but we just couldn't get those dogs out of minds.  So we, along with several volunteers from the Katrina efforts in Louisiana and the local animal control agency were able to confiscate all of the dogs on the property.  It took us months to get Phoenix, Pibbles, Spice and their puppies but they were finally safe.  Phoenix had issues.  He was very untrusting and it took him some time to come around.  But he is now a happy go lucky guy and loves to play ball.  He is also very aware of his surroundings and would make a great watch dog.  He's become so confident and we are so so proud of him.  He is the Phoenix, the mystical, proud bird who arose from the ashes.

There are LOTS of pitbulls that need homes...But Phoenix just tugs my heartstrings.. .