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Shar Pai Mastiff needs a home, will be put to sleep without rescue...**PIX

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Hey all,

I was at the vet today and overheard a conversation with a tech and an owner about having to put a 5 year old Shar Pai/mastiff to sleep.  She took him in as a puppy, although she doesn't like dogs, so he wouldn't die in the wilderness.  She has given him the basics to survive, but not much else.  She is poor, and simply can't take care of him anymore.  She loves his personality (so do the vet techs, and me!)...he is sweet as can be (or was today)..but she can't keep him.  I asked her to hold on...and she said she would.

He is extremely late on ALL shots....he has some sort of terrible skin allergy and is losing his hair.  He doesn't get the attention he deserves, and according to her is neglected more than she would like. 

I will be able to post pictures later this week. 

Is there ANYONE out there that can help this beautiful boy??  Please contact me ASAP, his time will run out shortly!

thanks BPOers

FYI...I'm fully aware of what many of you think of Me...but this dog needs a home.  If you can help, please put aside your hatred of me to help him.  that's all, thanks

added photos, bump

I agree about the Shar Pai...I'm just passing along the info she gave me.  And yep, the Mastiff is very present...he is so beautiful..and so sweet.  He will make a wonderful pet to someone!

bump  ::)


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