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Swimming question-(I feel dumb, but...) and pix of the crew


I am wondering if you all let your dogs off leash for swimming.  We took Sophie and crew to the beach and I let them off leash.  Sophie ran into the water and I was really afraid that she was going to swim away or get caught in the current...Am I being over protective?  She just doesn't recall well and doesn't listen so I am afraid if she got going, she'd just keep going and not come back!  Also, she took off over the seaweed covered rocks and I was afraid she'd break a leg- why doesn't she have any common sense!
Anyway, here are some pix of the crew.

Naja swims in a small lake close to my house on really hot days.  Being that she cannot EVER be trusted off leash I've made her a 50' floating leash.  Just used 50' of the floating nylon rope, and attached it to a leash clippy thinger and a carabeener...(sp? ::) lol)  She has fairly decent recall, but she is a Pyr, and you never know when she might need to chase off a coyote or something...lo l  ::) ;) :D


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