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Okay I'm having a really hard time deciding which food to go with for my berner puppy. I want something that's low on allergens and is a good quality kibble. My breeder's starting them on the Orijen Large Breed puppy, which isn't available in my area and I'm not sure about it's really high protien levels. I may be able to order it at a local feed store so I'm not totally counting it out. She has her adults on Orijen and she swears by it.  She used to give her puppies Innova Large Breed Puppy but it gave her dogs some problems after the formula change so she's reccommending against it.  The other options I've been considering are the Solid Gold Wolf Cub and Canidae All Life Stages (which is what Kali and Lacey are currently on). So if anyone can give some advice I'd appreciate it.  I'm willing to consider other foods too if I can find them.  I went through dogfoodanalysi s.com but their reviews weren't all that helpful when considering Large Breed puppy choices.

I know this has been discussed before but most of the foods have gone through formula changes so I figured I'd ask again.

Every person will give you a different answer and be equally passionate about their choice.  The important thing is that you feed a high quality food and don't allow your pup to be overweight.  All the food choices you named are good

Jodi and the pack:
I feed Solid Gold to all three of my dogs.  Another food that I've heard really good things about is Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul.

You can check out the website www.dogfoodana lysis.com because they break everything down pretty scientifically to help you make a better decision.


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