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Oh no. Tucker's well-puppy check up = hubby & I arguing about diet. Stupid vet.

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--- Quote from: patrick on June 16, 2009, 02:25:46 am ---You just might have to switch foods in the bag until you can re-educate hubby!!

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I hope it's not overstepping but I'd be beyond ticked at DH if he threw me under the bus like that in front of someone. It's one thing if he says to you in the car on the way home that he didn't know, maybe you could help him understand/suggest some reading or talk more about why you chose raw, etc. but in front of the vet just .... ugh!

So sorry that happened to you. My vet had a fit that I feed Cooper a raw bone once a week. Concerned about bacteria, illness, the dog getting food poisoning from raw meat (!?!?!), etc. It's so annoying.

I agree, try to find a new vet. I called around to find one who would do titers and limited vaccinations and found this one, though I may have to change again if we decide to do raw diet.

Good luck!

Mary & Cooper

Well, don't take your vet's advice on dog food brands. I trusted a vet and was feeding a puppy "PMI Nutrition" at their recommendation . He got cancer at a year old and died. The OTHER vet in the office said there was a good chance his food might have been a factor and recommended Wysong, RAW or any other really high quality food(s).

I reasearched PMI later to find that it is really crappy and used for institutional purposes, such as feeding dogs in experimental labs. That just creeped me out. The other vet in the office was very holistic and did accupuncture on dogs, etc. I was very surprised at their differing opinions.

First of all, I cannot imagine going to a vet I didn't trust or "click" with. You need to find the right vet for other reasons besides diet. Then address the food thing. Hubby may open his mind if food advice comes from a new vet or someone he considers an "expert" on it.

Second of all, I think a lot of vets advise against raw and home cooked diets because most don't think most pet owners are knowledgable enough or educated enough to do it the right way. It is easier if good nutrition comes "prepackaged". My vet knows me well enough to know that what "people" food I treat my pups to is safe and preportioned. Tink was on a rice and boiled chicken diet after getting ill from a "bad bag of cheap dog food" when she was a pup. He acknowledges the benefits but knows it can be more complicated and time consuming for most pet owners to keep up with and be disciplined enough to proportion control.

That being said, he supports my feeding Innova although he does not sell it. MOst of his clients cannot afford it. He is a wealth of knowledge on nutrition but understands most clients cannot afford or are not consciencious enough to invest in the best.


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