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Hi everyone. Been ages since Ive been here and I see many of you are still here. We just got some really sad news from the people who adopted Judge from us in 2006. Judge passed away tonight from complications after having an alergic reaction. We are all heart broken and the kids are taking it really hard. The good thing is that we had a chance to go visit Judge on Sunday. So weird because we havent been out to see him in about 6 months. My son even stayed the night and slept with Judge on SAturday. I sm hsving as hard time writing this and hope it comes out ok. I have been searching on here looking for pictures as I just got this computer and have no pictures of Judge on here.
Judge was an amazing dog and he touched so many lives. We will miss him so much.
Take care everyone. I will get back on more often to see how everyone is doing. MISS YOU GUYS!!!

I am heartbroken Coonie!  He was such an awesome dog! 

Thanks Nickie and Stella. We went to Judges funeral tonight and you wouldnt have believed the people there. I had tears in my eyes just to see them all. I have been asked 3 times today if I was the girl who had Judge before Danny. It is so amazing to see how many lives Judge touched in his short time with us. He was very well loved. I think his job here was done and he has moved on to a better place.
We also found out that he had a heart condition and this is what killed him. The vet misdiagnosed him with allergies. It is sad but the condition he had was far to addvanced to be treated properly. Everything happens for a reason!!
Miss you guys. Ill try to come on more often and check up on things. Thanks for the hugs!!

Hi Coonie,

I'm so sorry to hear about Judge. We are thinking of you! It is lovely to hear that so many people loved him.


I believe we are gifted as caretakes of our gentle giants.  We all know their something extraordinary about Saints...You are in the right place seeking solace.  We lost our beloved Cassie... most painful experience of my life. 

Celebrate all that made him Judge,  his love, his loyalty, his size, and his desire to please,and his bond to you! Judge will have many many friends in the other world, and I will say a prayer that a cute good girl with pink bows named Cassie shows him around and tells him where the very coolest places are to catch those afternoon naps...
Your heart will heal, it takes time....
Renee' and Mark


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