Author Topic: SKUNK season is here!  (Read 4390 times)

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SKUNK season is here!
« on: June 22, 2009, 02:45:06 pm »
The skunk population in our area has increased for some reason. I am asking for help...not in getting the horrid smell from my Akita's double coat (we got that already), from my sofa, carpet or chair that he rubbed against in desperation to get it off of his face (uugh...profess ional cleaning needed) but I need to know how to rebuild his confidence to go back out in the yard!!
Like I said, he's a Japanese Akita, 4 years old, altered male.  Afraid of literally nothing at all...until now. This skunk got him in the face/eyes/neck and apparently did the most damage to his ego. In the last 36 hours, Kana nearly refuses to go outside at all. He stayed in until 11:30 am today holding his bladder so that he didn't have to go out. My hubby and I escorted him out in the yard as "support" but he just followed hubby's footsteps and then ran in the garage. He has retreated to the garage and will hardly come out. The only way he will is if we are there and we open the house door to let him back in. He's eaten very little.

Can anyone who has expereinced this please let me know if we need to do something or if it will just go away with time...??? 

Thanks -
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