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hes getting skinny!


i have a question. My big boy is getting skinny. He eats a lot of dry food, 4 cups + a day. i dont give him any wet food because he wont eat it. Is he supposed to be skinny? 3yr old english mastiff weighs in at 200lbs but i can see his last rib. what kind of food should i feed him? Should i put him on a raw food diet?

Actually 4 cups a day is not a lot of food for his size.  My PBGVs eat 3-4 cups a day and they only weigh 25 pounds! If concerned about his weight increase his food  Also is he current on his worming as this can cause them to lose weight as well.

i leave food down for them all day. usally 3 bowls full. around 10 cups. so he can eat when he wants. he is current on all his medications, so i dont think that is a problem. my other dog is not skinny like him she is a terrier mix.


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