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how much to feed?

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I've started feeding my two lab/golden mixes boiled chicken and brown rice - the hot spot issues have disappeared, and their coats are so shiny and they seem to have renewed energy (they're almost 9 years).  Buddy was about 10 pounds overweight, due mostly to lack of exercise (he's had knee surgery 3 times and broke his leg after the last surgery!  Can't run around like he used to!) I haven't had him weighed again since starting the diet, but he looks like he's lost a few.  My concern is this:  am i not feeding them enough?  I feed about a cup and 1/2 rice plus one piece of chicken (either drumstick or thigh) for breakfast, then about 2-3 cups rice and 1 drumstick and 1 thigh for dinner. They go crazy - Jake actually spins around like a little ballerina!  They gobble it up so quickly and come back to me for more.  I don't know if they're still hungry or if they just love their new food!  Jake weighs about 85 pounds, Buddy is about 95.  Any advice?

If they maintain adequate weight then you are feeding enough  The only warning is that you are not feeding a balanced diet- although your 2 ingrediants are good they need a variety of meats and if no bones then other supplements as well as veges and fruits.  There is a ton of info on the net about cooking for your dogs and raw diets that you should read while embarking on this diet.

Patrick has a good point about a balanced diet. My father made his Jack Russell's food and he added a lot of carrots and other veggies, he also added fish.  You might look into a supplement.  My mom feeds her 4 pyrs, pyr mix and Bernese mountain dog (she really likes big dogs) the same combo you are feeding yours, but adds a cup of dog chow to it. 
You guys are lucky to have such a dedicated mom.  That is one of my husbands favorite meals ;D.

Thanks for the good advice.  Another question:  Like everyone else, I've always heard that chicken bones are very harmful to dogs.  But a friend of mine says her vet told her she could feed whole chicken, including the bones, as long as it has been cooked well.  Says the chicken skin helps coat the intestinal tract from being harmed by the bones.  Anyone else hear this?

Usually it is the other way to feed chicken if it is raw- cooked chicken the bones splinter more. The skin won't protect the intestines.  If you pressure cook the chicken the bones will become soft and just crumble instead of splintering.


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