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mini vent about chewing


ARRGG!  I woke this morning at 7 am to a loud thumping sound.  I walked into the living room to find my two monsters pulling books off of the bottom shelf of the bookcase and chewing them to pieces :o!  I just wanted to scream! Anyway...just had to vent

I totally agree. I have lost some sandals Iam going to have to go bare foot.

Mine like electronics - tia has destroyed more of my ipod ear buds than I can count and lucy ate my MSI netbook charger plug thing. I can't remember what it's called. She actually did me a favor, when best buy couldn't replace it they told me to pick out another netbook and I got a much better eee pc netbook.  My daughter went through a period where she would try and eat books.

i turned my head for JUST A SECOND earlier.. and i lost a phone charger =(



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