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limited registration


what exactly is limited registration? i just got my newf about 2 weeks ago and im still waiting on the breeder to send me his akc registration papers, i thought this may be the best place to ask this question, umm i dont really like my breeder, she is very buisy and i have tons of questions, she said she wasnt going to tell me what to do with my puppy, whats the difference between full and limited registration?

I believe (but may be wrong on this) that it means the dog can be used for a variety of purposes but NOT for breeding. So water work, obedience, agility, etc. OK but not intended as a breeding dog. Not sure about showing, since I believe show dogs are not neutered/spayed, perhaps you could do limited showing until you get the dog fixed?

Good luck!


i dont have to neuter him the breeder told me i didnt have to, but as far as i know i have limited registration on him, i want to get him in to sports, and i havent received his papers yet so im just not to sure what i can and cant do with him

On limited registration you also cannot show in AKC sanctioned conformation shows either. You can do agility, water sports, obedience but no conformation.  He is a registered dog but with limited if you should happen to breed him in the future you will not be able to get AKC registration on the pups. 


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