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Odinn and Valkyrie together again! :)


Hi everyone!
Some of you may remember me from last year when I was active on the site. Life got hectic and took over and I've been away for a long long time! But I am back!

You may also remember little Miss Valkyrie, my rescued merlequin dane puppy. Well she is all grown up now, though she is a petite little dane girl weighing in at only 95 lbs. She's a fantastic little gal!

The rescue we worked with in removing Val and her brothers and sisters from thier "breeder" contacted me recently asking whether I could take in her brother who had been adopted into a new home where he had also suffered abuse and neglect. This poor boy didn't even have a name. He was chained in thier backyard getting beaten up by the family's doberman, who was not on a chain. He has clearly not been fed properly and is sooo skinny :(. You can see the results of his malnutrition, his hips bow out, his joints are wobbly, and he already has tooth decay at 13 months old. He is also covered in little scars from his ordeal with the other dog. We have given him his name from when we fostered him back, Odinn. Odinn also has some problems with sight and hearing though he is not completley deaf or blind, he suffers from night blindness and can only hear extreme pitched sounds,very high or very low. This is a congenital issue he has had since puppy-hood.
He has only been back with us for a couple of days and it has been a chore. He has clearly not been in a home (and I'm sure you all can see the problems that arise from a full grown dane running around tail a-wagging so excited to be loved). Some of the casualties have been our china cabinet, flat screen TV, and of course, dinner. We have a lot of work ahead of us but we will get him healthy and well adjusted and he will probably stay with us for the rest of his young life.

Just thought you all would enjoy hearing this poor boy's story! And now for the pictures! I will post more of his condition later on, for now just happy ones :)


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