Author Topic: Need help feeding my newfie, please! (warning, graphic poop description)  (Read 6237 times)

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Hi all,

Cooper is 2 years old, and we got him in May from a breeder. He was returned to the breeder for allergies in the family, but has been a healthy dog. We have been feeding Taste of the Wild Prairie mixed w/1 T. of canned (usually Wellness) and he's done OK, though stool has been pretty soft and from time to time unformed.

About 3 wks ago he hurt his leg, and the vet prescribed Rimadyl. He had a reaction to it so we stopped it right away, but he's had the runs ranging from watery to yogurt poo (sorry) off and on since then. He'll have 3 days of yuck, then 1-2 days solid, then back again. I had him in for bloodwork and a stool sample, both came back normal. They gave him I/D and Flagyl, which seems to make him *feel* better (he's more dependably happy, goofy and active). Tonight he did have a super soft unformed poo, but it is hot out, so not sure if that might be causing it.

So, in terms of feeding, when we go back to a normal diet, I am in search of a food that is high quality and provides great nutrition, and that may also help to make his stool a little firmer. I'm considering EVO but not sure a grain-free is going to work for him (too rich maybe?) or Nature's Variety Prairie (a nice thing that I can rotate a little raw in as well).

I'd love any advice/insight, and any ideas as to what else I might check into for his tummy issues as well!

Mary and Cooper

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Have you tried putting him on a bland diet to give his tummy a rest ie boiled chicken, rice and canned pumpkin(regular not the pie filling kind)? You need to do at least 4 days for it to be effective then slowly integrate his food back.  Also you may want to have another stool sample done.  Kaden my berner puppy ended up having coccidia with fairly similar symptoms and it took 3 samples before my vet found it.  It tends to be cyclic and the Rimadyl could have set it off. You could also give him a little yogurt once he's feeling a little better to help balance the bacteria in his stomach.

As for kibble you could check dogfoodanalysi for food pros and cons.  Orijen is a good food but can be a bit's often referred to as raw food in kibble form.  I have Kaden on the Orijen Large Breed Puppy but may be switching him to Canidae ALS soon as it may be too rich for him. Kali my brother's newf and my mom's aussi have been doing well on the Canidae. Innova Adult is also a good kibble.

Good luck hope he feels better soon! 
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