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This morning at around 7am I woke to the sound of my mother screaming at my dogs to stop. So I walk into the living room to find out whats going on.
First let me say that we have a dog door leading out to our backyard, so that the dog can go in and out when they need to.  Second, we have a small koi fish pond in the backyard.
So I see my mom standing at the back door, and she says to me, "They got in the pond.  They dug a mud hole next to it and they are covered in mud.  Look at your couch."  So I turn and look at my now mud covered couch.  Meanwhile the dogs are running around the backyard like crazy people.
This is the first time that they have done anything like this.  They have never even messed with the pond before. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get them to stay awat from the pond/stop digging?

No suggestions here- they obviously had great fun!!

they sure did! ;)

fish are my thing!!!

dude id treat em like any other animal you dont want in your pond, you can get an alarm system, (there not expensive no worries) you may actually be able to get it where you got your koi, but it makes a really loud sound when ever any thing gets near the pond (meant to scare off birds of prey and racoons, cats and other things) you can also put a net over it to protect the fish,

if it came down to it, you can get a shock colar and lay the wire around the pond so when they get close to it, the collar lets out a warning beep, if they continue to get closer, it emits a small stadic shock

eventually they will learn

because now that they know what great fun the pond is, they arent gonna stop with out training



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