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A lot of newfs............20-24


Thought I would post some pictures of the best dog weekend i have ever had. What a blast. NSW (Australia)  newf day at North Richmond
Hubby and I both really enjoyed it. We made a lot of friends.
Mike passed the wine around the wine . Everyone was so relaxed. nearly all the dogs were "off leash" most of the time. Except when we tried to get down to some serious games :) and the group photo. I counted about 24-26 newfs and five non-newf dogs. Not even one dog fight

Tessa and Annabelle meet newf friends

Molly and Bella, were just a gorgeous pair from one family

Tessa cruising with new(f) friends

Kids , newfs and one Leonberger

most of the dogs.........n ot quite all of them, some had gone home

OMG  Great pictures!!  Wish I could have been there!

wow!!! thats so awesome!!!  id love to go to some thing like that


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