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pumpkin for loose stools?

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When we first got Murphy, he had loose stool.  It turned out to be worms, so the vet dewormed him and gave him some medicine.  His stools were fine for a while but soon became loose again.  I have decided to try pumpkin, but I have some questions. 
How much should I give him?
Should I mix it with his dry food?
How often should I feed it to hime?

Thanks guys!  :) 

I would give him a couple of heaping tablespoons  He may or may not like the taste at first - mine take it directly from the spoon- everyone lines up for pumpkin!

Thanks! Both my boys loved pumpkin right away! :D  How often do you feed it to your kiddos?

I used to feed it every day because they loved it so much- its a good supplement anyways-just loaded with vitamins  Or you can just feed it for a few days whenever they need it for their stools- Also works good if their stools are too hard

We started giving our new pumpkin for loose stools 2 Tablespoons in the morning and it worked great. Now we are finding he has the most awful gas. So stopping pumpkin to see if that gets rid of it.


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