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rota is the best swimmer EVER!!!


so i took rota for his first off leash experience at a doggy beach with my friend (whose dog loves water and showed him the way) he has never really been intrested in retreiving before, if i threw a toy he might trot along to it and ehh wonder past it and not really bring it back even if he did happen to pick it up dispite my encouragement LOL


i couldnt get him to stop, there was a point where i didnt want the stick any more... but he just KEPT BRINGING IT BACK so that i would throw it out in to the water again

hes amazing, and this isnt some little lake or a river, this is an ocean with waves and its freezing cold and he LOVES it!!!

there was a point there the stick went under the water due to a wave, and i dont know what happened i must have blinked, because ROTA WAS GONE!!!! and i was like OMG MY DOG!! i was already in the water i would have dove in after him i sware he was drownding! but he poped up in the opposite direction (he had to have turned under water) faceing me (he was swimming back) WITH THE STICK IN HIS MOUTH, he wasnt coughing or any thing, so he couldnt have injested water, he held his breath?? i mean he was in deep water i couldnt have touched...

any who

(the other one is my friends dog who loves water)

and here is a short video of him,

sorry i forgot to say if you click the picture that i said was a video it will play LOL ^^^^^^^

GREAT pics!!

thanks, im actually thinking about training him for a tiral, i was watching dogs 101 on animal planet and it was about newfs and water trials and its pretty much what he does already so i figured why not see if hes better than other dogs at it? lol

i need to order the rule book and stuff from akc, but hes going back to the beach today (3rd time this week)

does any one know if i should stop taking him when it gets cold? i know there from canada and they still go in the water there when its freezing, but i dont want my boy getting sick, he doesnt seem to mind the temp, but it worrys me,



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