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anyone tried this food???


Hi everyone,
    I am currently thinking of switching dog foods.  My dogs are on a solid gold and wellness combo.  (long story) I've been doing research and found the By Nature food at Petsmart.  My 2 year old golden has a super sensative stomach.  Last month he was fed some turkey and spent 2 days in the vet hospital.  $$$ I was thinking of putting him on the salmon, ocean fish, and yogurt flavor.  Anyone use this food? (any of the flavors)   I'd really like to have some input.  I've googled "reviews" on the internet but can't seem to find any opinions on the food. The company has an excellent safety record.   

I haven't tried it, but good luck -let us know how it turns out. I'm very happy with the food my saint has been on and can't see myself switching him, unless something extreme happens.


I don't like this food for several reasons...firs t, it has a lot of potentially problematic grains......wh eat and barley are high allergen and not my choice.  Rice is the easiest to digest so if grains are to be included, I advocate rice or sweet potato in place of grain.

Second, they clearly don't have a vet nutritionist on board because they, like many dog foods today, are using ingredients that are not biologically appropriate for dogs and therefore cannot provide the intended nutrient.  Example, Flaxseed is not a source of omega 3 for dogs as it provides ALA that must be converted to derive omega 3.  Dogs are not capable of making this conversion and therefore cannot derive omega 3 benefit from flaxseed (many humans can't make this conversion as well actually).  Fish oils are the only reliable, biologically appropriate source of omega 3 for dogs.

Third, their lab assay is incomplete.... they don't even provide a calcium and phosphorus analysis which is the most critical ratio and two nutrients I evaluate in dog food - the most critical for growing dogs.

There are so many better foods out there, I see no reason to use this one.
Just my two cents.

Thanks for your response!  I appreciate the comments.  As I said before my dogs had been on a mix of Solid Gold Holistiz and Wellness Supermix Chicken.  I decided to stick with Solid Gold, but I put them on Wolf King.  Tucker, my male golden, is THE most picky eater I've every met.  I fed he and Allie half Holistic and half Wolf King this evening and he GOBBLED it up. I've never seen him eat so well.  Yeah!!!  I'm so happy. 
Thanks again!


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