Author Topic: Marmaduke Movie - Help Stop a Great Dane Disaster  (Read 8353 times)

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Marmaduke Movie - Help Stop a Great Dane Disaster
« on: June 09, 2010, 01:07:27 pm »
Hi everyone,

I read this blog post and wanted to share it with you guys. It is written by someone who knows Danes and wants to stop (or at least educate) people before they rush out and buy a Great Dane puppy after watching the new film Marmaduke.

I thought I would post the blog link here so other Big Dog owners could promote or digg or facebook it. If it gets enough attention maybe it'll help what happened after the movie Beethoven...

I know the animal shelters are overflowing already and I'd hate for more Danes to end up having to be rehomed because of people not doing the proper research before buyign a puppy