Author Topic: Quick Question New Puppy...might have to go  (Read 18470 times)

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Quick Question New Puppy...might have to go
« on: December 30, 2010, 02:44:26 pm »
I have not been on in a while but new I should turn to you guys/gals.  I think I already know my answer but here goes.  And yes I am very experienced with dogs of all sorts!

A week ago we got an APBT, mother and father had great temperaments.. .we took the more laid back not overly active pup.  But...this lil guy at 7 weeks old is more aggressive than I have seen in any APBT...I mean FOOD, TOY, DOG and just overly aggressive.  You touch his face he bites at you(not puppy nipping), you touch his food...HE GOES CRAZY attacking you protecting the bowl and everything...d og walks by his crate and he is barking and growling and trying to get at the dog.

I own a Bull Terrier, A Mastiff/Am bulldog, a d have worked in the Pet Industry for 7 yrs now and have had a dog since I was 3....I have owned APBT before, I am on my 2nd BT, I have handled many breeds of dogs...but this pup is going to be a handful and trouble I can just see it.  Even if I train him to not act/react the way that he does not mean it will not come out one day...sigh...I dont know but I think he has to go back...what do you guys think
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