Author Topic: Been absent for quite some time...need advice on nervous hot spots  (Read 27949 times)

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I have missed seeing updates on everyone's Saints. We have had quite a bit happen in the past few years. Kids graduated, we now have an adorable 15 month old grandson, & have added another kitty to our mix. We did, however, lose our sweet boy Simon in November. He just laid down in his favorite place by the back porch and "went to sleep". Of course we all have grieved (we still are) and that includes our lady Heidi Belle. For the first couple of months she would go looking for him every morning when I let her out. It broke my heart every time I watched her do it. She has lessened that behavior but she has developed nervous itching since then and is "eating" herself raw. We had hoped it would go away, but it hasn't. She has raw patches on her butt & knees and she just won't leave them alone. We've tried new foods, new shampoos, everything...t he vet says it's simply nerves. Simon was the alpha dog and they grew up together. I know she misses him dearly. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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