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My Mom's "Other" Children

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So, I had last week off from work, and decided to spend some of it in the Arizona sun with my Mom and Dad.  I had a great time and got to spend time with my parents "other" children. 

Misty and Shiloh are both total sweethearts.  When I stay with my folks, Shiloh is my special buddy (probably because I can work the icemaker, which is his god) and crams himself into a twin bed with me whenever I lay down.  Misty rules the house with an iron paw, and will bark out an answer if you ask her a question.  I love 'em both!

So, check out my awful pictures of my competition for parental love - they are cuter than I am, but I don't need to go outside at 5 AM or chew on the couch, so I think we come out about even!   ;D

My dad's other children are my brother, my sister, my two stepsisters and when you add in my stepmom, I have enough humans to compete with.  He does have a little dog but I can usually trump her for attention since I am bigger. 
I do have to compete for his attention once he gets to my house since he would rather hang with Rocco and Maia.  But I guess that is my fault since they are my dogs. 

Shortly after I posted this, I received this email....

To my ex-sister Marsi,
Although I have loved snuggling with you in that twin bed in the past, and have rejoiced in your mastery of the ice maker, I would just like to inform you that I will have to consider our relationship severed from this pointl  Not only is my picture blurry, I NO LONGER CHEW THE COUCH!!!
Nice knowing you,
Shiloh Fisher

Man, busted by a collie!  LOL!   ;D

Talented doggy to be able to email.


--- Quote from: EastJenn on August 23, 2005, 02:10:49 pm ---Oh, Marsi.  I'm sorry.  That was HARSH!!!

--- End quote ---

I KNOW!  What is up with that?  I shouldn't have mentioned the couch...  In all fairness, he does no longer chew it...  LOL! 

Oh well, he will forgive me the next time I see him, because I will have my secret weapon - ice cubes!  He will powerless to resist.

Yes, Lins, he is very talented.  If only he could use it for good instead of evil.   :D


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