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Finally, a Pic of Goulash


Finally getting a picture of our Komondor, Goulash, up (if I get it to work right  ;)). Since we don't show him, we keep him trimmed down most of the year, since we live in Phoenix and it's hot here far more than it's warm. During his trim months, we get a lot of, "that's the weirdest standard poodle I've ever seen" comments.  :D

Too Cute!

Lol, "that's the weirdest poodle I've ever seen."  Priceless...
You should make up some elaborate story about how Goulash (great name by the way) is a rare breed from... Iceland... or somewhere interesting... they'll never know.

How often are you having to trim him? Like... every week?  :D
Love it!

What a cutie!

OH! I love him! I can't wait to see more, more, more, more of him! What a beauty!

Hehe!  Great photo and good looking doggie!  :)


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