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Beauty's coat is finally growing out after the pups! YIPPEE!!!

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Beauty is finally starting to fill out after nursing 13 pups, her coat is starting to grow in, and is soft as ever!  Silky!  I love it!  Today were were taking opictures in the kennel, I wanted all of the dogs together, but it is hard to catch htem all in the "right" moment.  Amazingly enough when I said "HELLO!!!!  I want to take some pictures, the one I ended up getting right away was the one with all of them in a line, waiting their turn it looked like!  The rest are just ones of the two enjoying the nice weather, and Aidan who FOREVER has a toy toy in his mouth!

Last picture

Great photos, they look like they are having a good day.

It is a great day!  This is my favorite time of year, almost fall!  Leaves are changing, grass is very green, not to hot not to cold, bugs are minimal, and the dogs love every minute of the nice climate!

Great photos!  They look very happy!  :)


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