Author Topic: Newf/Pyr/Saint/Leon Traits  (Read 1724 times)

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Newf/Pyr/Saint/Leon Traits
« on: September 14, 2005, 03:29:57 pm »
Not to be inclusive of other large breeds but these 4 breeds seem so similar in many ways, yet each seem have their own specific traits.  Each dog is different, but I do see common things in dogs of each breed.    From what I've seen from Drake and other Newfs, they are basically workhorses.  They live to work or play with their humans and to constantly be by their side.  Makes sense that Lewis and Clark brought Seamen along for the big trip.   And as sweet tempered they are, they can be very agressive if they need to be.  Drake and Yogi both stand at attention when strange adult humans or animals are nearby, but soften when we say it's OK.  And all Newfs seem to know to be gentle around small children and the elderly.  I'd like to hear about the specifics of the other 3 as I know little about them.  Does the Leon take on it's own traits regardless that it is made up of the other three?  Do Saints try to save you whether you need it or not?  Do Pyrs need to be bleached or they turn yellow.  Maybe these are all generalities and I'm wrong.  :-[ All comments and info would be great!
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Re: Newf/Pyr/Saint/Leon Traits
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2005, 07:32:09 pm »
Two nice site for basic information on Great Pyrenees:

As for the three Great Pyrenees I have had the joy of living with they are very special souls. 

Rosie (White Rose) was my loving sweet baby girl for 9 1/2 years.  Just about the only things in life she wanted was to give ear kisses, take a good nap, and walk her property.  Rosie would take commands from my granddaughter from the time she could talk.  If she was outside playing you can bet Rosie was only a few feet away.  There was not anything that Rosie would not have done to take care of her child. 

Sugar Bear my sweet big baby boy wants nothing more than for Mommy or Daddy to love on him.  He would let me brush him for hours on end.  Anything just so I have my hand on him.  At work he takes his nap in front of the entry door so no one can come he and get his mommy or his treats.  He spent lots of time playing with his toys until we got him a sister to play with. 

Dixie Darlin is my sweet (sometimes) wild child (most of the time) She is like that bunny she just goes and goes.  She is only 8 months so I am sure she will calm down some in the next few months.  She is alway into something or looking for something to get into.  She love her brother first, mommy next, and then her daddy.

Bleaching the Pyr is not necessary just your floors.  A Great Pyrenees has a self cleaning coat.  Sugar Bear and Dixie play in the lake almost everyday.  I bring them in to their room or the shop and tell them to go to bed. After they have had a few hours sleep they are dry and the dirt falls off.  A quick brushing and they look good again.  Now when they get a bath they look super white for about a week or so.  Other than that they are a nice egg shell color. 


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Rosie - Great Pyrenees (at the bridge)