Author Topic: Heart murmur in Newf puppy  (Read 20622 times)

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Re: Heart murmur in Newf puppy
« Reply #15 on: May 25, 2005, 05:12:22 pm »
Congrats on your beautiful pup! I am so glad to hear that his heart is sounding good now. He has to be one of the cutes pups I have seen!
My step brother has a Rhodesian Ridgeback that as a pup had the same sort of problem, he is now 6 years old and his ticker is just fine. Good luck!
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Re: Heart murmur in Newf puppy
« Reply #16 on: June 01, 2005, 02:16:29 am »
It is not uncommon for pups to have murmers and then the murmers close up.  It depends on the type of murmer whether or not they close.

Our big boy has SAS and it wasn't found until later.  And yes he was checked several times.  It was just missed.  He was 6 months when another vet said, "Hey wait a minute" and had us fly to Seattle to see a cardiologist.  Sure was not a good thing.

Most of the time murmers are worried about after 13 to 14 weeks of age I believe.  That is when you can go to a cardiologist to find out if it is functional or not.